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Art Show Series

Sept 15 - 28, Time: Opens at 10 AM

Art Show Seriesview larger photo Lubec Landmarks

Location: Mulholland Market Gallery, 50 Water Street, Lubec

Visions of Future Past, Silver-based photo imagery by JD Rule

Opening Reception 5-7 p.m. Sat. Sept 17

Visions of Future Past - Artists Statement

Lubec is steeped in history, from the era prior to European settlement to modern days. The feeling of connection with the nearpast was brought out most convincingly by the recent series of talks hosted by the library, termed ‘Tales of Old Lubec.’ These stories were brought alive by the people who lived them, looking back sometimes a half-century or more.

Those who are living here now, what will they look back at in their future years? Regionally,we are experiencing rapid change, from the collapse of the canneries and shipyards and the threats to the fishing industry, to population shifts perhaps driven by changing climate or economic factors. What is it that those of us who survive another half-century in Lubec will be gazing back at wistfully?

To be sure, many aspects of Old Lubec show up in these images. The grave of Colonel George Comstock, a New York native who married Mary Elizabeth Allan – the granddaughter of Revolutionary War hero Colonel John Allan – is near Mill Creek; Allan is buried close by on Treat Island. Things as simple as the remains of pilings showing where the ocean’s bounty was landed and then finished products shipped remind us of our commercial past, and how our commerce was island-based before the roads were built, not so long ago. Lubec, as everywhere else, is undergoing change where the horizon can be glimpsed but not comprehended.

The present show at Lubec Landmarks is entirely non-digital, utilizing silver-based processes and a large-format camera manufactured in 1920 to capture images requiring careful composition and darkroom processing using wet chemicals. The contact-print method, based on black-and-white negatives five by seven inches, yield rich detail not attainable with more recent technology. Look, for instance, at the clammers working the mud flats of Pirate’s Cove – some of their faces are visible from a half-mile back.

Each of the images presented in this exhibit is offered for sale, with 100% of the proceeds going to Lubec Landmarks.

JD Rule, September 2022

Part of the McCurdy Smokehouse complex is the former Mulholland Market. It was the first building restored by Lubec Landmarks and now serves as the organization's non-profit gallery (The Muholland Gallery).

Lubec Landmarks encourages and supports local artists and craftspeople with seasonal shows of their works at the gallery.

Purchases made at the gallery and donations made at the museum go to the preservation of the McCurdy Smokehouse complex so that future generations may be educated of the history of the fishing industry in the region.

Opening Receptions for each show will be from 5 to 7 pm on the first Saturday of the show.


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