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We invite you to spend your next vacation right here in Lubec, the easternmost town in the U.S.A., in Washington County, Maine. Join us in being the first to see the sunrise!

Discover the ease with which you can plan and spend your next vacation away from the maddening crowds, where the sun first rises on the United States of America, and a welcome awaits you! Lubec is where being yourself and enjoying life is second nature.

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Current Lubec time

If your cell phone has jumped ahead one hour, it is because your phone is picking up a Canadian signal. For Campobello time add one hour to the time above.

What Lubec offers:

  • Year-round attractions
  • Rural / coastal setting
  • Tranquility and solitude
  • Rugged, natural beauty
  • Affordability
  • Unique, unaffected character, community and culture
  • Activities, services and amenities to welcome and satisfy business people, vacationing singles, couples and families.

What Lubec does not offer:

(So get your fill of these en route!)

  • Movie theaters
  • Shopping malls
  • Theme parks
  • Fast food restaurants
  • Heavy traffic
  • Stop lights
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Lubec things to note

Photo by Jacob Pike.

* Lubec in the News!  Travelin Maine(rs): Best of Maine and Canada  .  If you can only visit one place in Maine this summer, make it Lubec.

* APPLE Tours of Lubec and Cobscook's NEW audio tour:  Explore the Intertidal Shore

* Cobscook Trails hiking maps are back!

* Travel and Leisure: America's Most Beautiful Coastal Views

* Business Insider's: 5 Under-The-Radar Places You Should Escape To This Summer.

* Tim Sample's views on Washington County and its take-no-prisoners quality.

Yay! The Eastport-Lubec Ferry is now going out from the commercial pier!

Paper Chase

Jul 26: The Roosevelt Family enjoyed Paper Chases while summering on Campobello. A Paper Chase is a racing game played outdoors (best played within a wood or even a shrubbery maze) with any number of players.

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Pathfinders at Pike Lands

Jul 27: Pike Lands in Lubec.

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Collins and Chrupcala at Crow Town Gallery

Jul 27: Hear one of Maine's best jazz vocalists Tess Collins with jazz pianist Mac Chrupcala.

UMM Ukelele Club at Uncle Kippy's

July 27: Come hear your favorite songs by the Ukelele Band.

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Dance Workshops at SummerKeys

Jul 28 - Aug 1: Explore a range of possibilities for generating and structuring movement through guided dance improvisations.

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