Visit Lubec Maine

Lubec... where the sun first rises and adventure awaits!

Lubec is an adventure waiting to happen!

Vacation in the easternmost town in the U.S.A. and explore its 97 miles of spectacular shoreline by land or sea.

Discover the ease with which you can plan and spend your next vacation away from the stress of madding crowds, where the sun first rises on U.S.A. shores and a heartfelt welcome awaits you! Lubec is where being yourself and enjoying life comes naturally. Come experience Lubec and the way life should be!

What Lubec offers:

  • Year-round attractions
  • Rural / coastal setting
  • Tranquility and solitude
  • Rugged, natural beauty
  • Affordability
  • Unique, unaffected character, community and culture
  • Activities, services and amenities to welcome and satisfy business people, vacationing singles, couples and families.

What Lubec doesn't offer:

(So get your fill of these en route!)

  • Movie theaters
  • Shopping malls
  • Theme parks
  • Fast food restaurants
  • Heavy traffic
  • Stop lights
The Lubec town sign
Welcome to Lubec, Easternmost town in the U.S.

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Current Lubec Time

03:18 AM

Sunrise: 04:50
Sunset: 20:13(approx. times)

If your cell phone has jumped ahead one hour, it is because your phone is picking up a Canadian signal. For Campobello time add one hour to the time shown.

Lubec things to note

Upcoming events

Lubec Market !

Starts May 28th, Every Saturday: Every Saturday ! Please help support our local farmers, bakers, artists, rug weavers, crafters, and more!

Summer Reading 2022

summer 2022: How many books will your child read this summer if they get a free ice cream for each ten read?

Lubec 4th of July Celebration !

Jul 1 - 6: Lubec is celebrating the 4th of July like never before, filled with a variety of activities for all ages! You won't want to miss this!

Summerkeys - Concert

Jul 6: Enjoy a live performance by the Halcyon DUO: Eve Friedman – Flute and Roberto Pace – Piano (free admission)

Beach Explorers

Jul 8: Calling all families! Join us at Mowry Beach for a morning of exploration of the critters that live on the shore and the homes they build.