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Welcome! We invite you to spend your next vacation right here in Lubec, the easternmost town in the U.S.A., in Washington County, Maine with 97 miles of shoreline and the friendliest people! Lubec is an adventure waiting to happen!

Discover the ease with which you can plan and spend your next vacation away from the maddening crowds, where the sun first rises on the United States of America, and a welcome awaits you! Lubec is where being yourself and enjoying life is second nature.

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Current Lubec time

If your cell phone has jumped ahead one hour, it is because your phone is picking up a Canadian signal. For Campobello time add one hour to the time above.

Sunrise: 05:36
Sunset: 19:26(approx. times)

What Lubec offers:

  • Year-round attractions
  • Rural / coastal setting
  • Tranquility and solitude
  • Rugged, natural beauty
  • Affordability
  • Unique, unaffected character, community and culture
  • Activities, services and amenities to welcome and satisfy business people, vacationing singles, couples and families.

What Lubec does not offer:

(So get your fill of these en route!)

  • Movie theaters
  • Shopping malls
  • Theme parks
  • Fast food restaurants
  • Heavy traffic
  • Stop lights
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Lubec things to note

  Photo: Frank Van Riper 

*  VacationIdea Magazine names West Quoddy Head as one of Maine's 10 Best Lighthouses!

*  Stop by the August Art Show at the Library featuring Gretchen Mead's Photography.

*  Lubec is the 3rd of 10 "Under The Radar Summer Getaways" !

*  The Eastport to Lubec Ferry will be running this summer June 4th to September 30th.  Book online!

*  Enjoy a visit this summer to the Roosevelt Campobello International Park !

*  Check us out on our Facebook page Visit Lubec Maine and Like Us!  

Tours of Lubec and Cobscook available to download or rent at the Eastland Motel.

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Summerkeys - Master Photo Class

Aug 20 - 22: Join Frank Van Riper for an intense & step-by-step instruction in studio and on location.

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Summerkeys - Concert

Aug 21: Enjoy a live performance by Sebastien Ammann – Jazz Piano (free admission).

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A Lubec Arts Summer

Aug 22 - Sep 4: Francesca Hoppin Memorial Show of her works in drift wood and glass.

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Summerkeys - Concert

Aug 22: Enjoy a live performance by Haley Hewitt- Celtic Harp (free admission).

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"An Evening at the Cottage" - dinner and cocktails

Aug 23 & 30, Sep 1 & 9: Take part in a 'presidential' cocktail hour!

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You provide a valuable resource to us all here in Washington County.
-- Patricia C., Eastport, ME

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