Visit Lubec Maine

Lubec... where the sun first rises and adventure awaits!

photo: Jane Koester

Art and Culture: Things to Do

Lubec, Cutler, Trescott, Whiting, Pembroke, Dennysville, and Edmunds, Maine and Campobello Island, New Brunswick, Canada

Start with a history based in Passamaquoddy, French Acadienne, and British cultures, add a few wars, a bit of smuggling, intrigue, with a dash of incredible cliffs and twenty foot tides and you end with an area steeped in history, culture and spectacular (and calming) nature. An area that in and of itself promotes the growth of arts and nurturing of talent.

This art and culture directory is made possible by a grant from the Maine Humanities Council and the Maine Arts Commission. For area-wide events visit  Artsipelago (CulturePass)- Arts and Culture of the International Passamaquoddy Region


Even though Lubec is an artists' haven, individual artists and their work are not always easy to find. Learn about them and how to contact them here. See how the beauty and quirkiness of Lubec is revealed in their work and how the nature of Lubec inspires creativity.

Art Galleries, Studios, and Gift Shops

Artists truly do bloom here. From naturescapes to seaglass creations, see them all in a variety of galleries, studios and gift shops. Or take a class to make yourself bloom!

Historical Sites, Museums, and Historical Activities

From the tip of Campobello Island to the Easternmost point of Lubec, the area is steeped in history, with museums tucked away or obvious. Enjoy the variety!

Music, Theater, Dance and Performance Arts, and Teaching

What's your pleasure? Folk singing in a pub, jazz in a church, plays at school, ballet at the grange or perhaps music or photography taught by experts? We've got it all!