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Pinch Pot Class

Jul 11, Time: 2:30 - 4:30 PM

Location: Cobscook Institute, 10 Commissary Point Rd, Trescott

Register at the Cobscook Institute website.

Ages 10+

Fee: $0 - $75.00 Our Access Fund provides Sliding Scale Pricing to residents of Passamaquoddy Territory, Charlotte & Washington Counties.
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A beginner pottery class that focuses on pinch pots will teach you the basics of hand-building with clay.
A pinch pot is a basic hand-building technique in pottery where clay is shaped by pinching and pushing the clay with your fingers to create a vessel or container. In a beginner pottery class, the instructor will typically start by demonstrating the technique and then guide you through the process step-by-step.
To make a pinch pot, you'll start with a ball of clay and then use your thumb to press a hole into the center of the clay ball. From there, you'll pinch and shape the clay to form the walls of your pot, using your fingers to smooth out any rough spots or bumps. The instructor may also show you how to add decorative elements to your pot, such as texture or handles.

Once you've created your pinch pot, you'll let it dry to a leather-hard stage and our Studio Manager will fire it in the kiln. You will select a glaze for your finished vessel that will be actualized by Studio Manager, who will contact you when your pot is complete for pick-up.

This class if part of our Summer Beginner's Series; visit our Pottery Studio webpage to see all the options this Summer!
About the Instructor: Michelle is originally from Maine, has lived in various places around the state (and taught in Lubec in the early 90s) and has settled in Maine after living in North Carolina for 20-some years. In North Carolina she taught adult education and studied pottery. She then worked professionally as a potter for many years, and also taught pottery classes out of her home studio. Michelle has been a gallery owner and has sold her work at her own and other galleries as well as exhibited her art in various art shows and galleries.

Michelle lives in the Cobscook Area, and has a Maine teaching certification. She works on her personal art as often as possible, and shows by appointment.
Physical Requirements: Ability to move around the room independently, ability to lift and carry 5 pounds.
Under Age 13: Requires a supporting caretaker in the class.

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