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Art Show Series at Mulholland Market Gallery

Art Show Series at Mulholland Market Galleryview larger photo Lubec Landmarks

Location: Mulholland Market Gallery, 50 Water Street

The Historic McCurdy's Herring Smokehouse complex, owned since 1996 by Lubec Landmarks, Inc. (a non-profit 501(c)(3) charitable corporation), is a unique site in both Maine and the United States. 

We operate a museum, the Historic McCurdy Smokehouse Museum currently located in our Skinning/Packing Shed. In it, visitors discover how herring were smoked and processed. We employ former employees of the McCurdy smokehouse who use their firsthand knowledge to explain and demonstrate some of the processes of the herring smokehouse industry. We charge a modest entrance fee ($4) to help pay for our museum docents - the only paid workers in our organization.  The gallery and gift shop are staffed completely by unpaid volunteers. Commissions from these sales are our main source of income for maintaining our buildings. We have a crew of unpaid volunteers who serve on the Preservation Committee and are responsible for maintaining our buildings. We also have a crew of unpaid volunteers on the Grounds Committee who are responsible for our gardens and grounds. 

We also have an art gallery and gift shop in our Mulholland Brothers Market building, which was built in the late 1860s and was a grocery store for many years before it served as a storage building for the smokehouse operation. 

We’re open June 16 through September 14 and we have a series of art exhibitions during the summer months, and we also sell craft items from local artisans in our gift shop.

The 2024 Mulholland Market Gallery schedule:

June 20 to July 9 (Reception June 22, Demo June 29, rain date June 30)
John DeMartino-Tin Type Photography.  He will also be doing a demonstration.
Don Hemingway-Oil Painting

July 11 to July 30 (Reception July 13)
Bonnie Beard-Oil Painting
Sheryl Denbo-Oil Painting
Kathrin Hilten- Graphite and Pen and Ink on paper

August 1 to August 20 (Reception August 3)
JoAnn Portalupi-Oil Paintings
Shawn Pelech-Oil Paintings

August 22 to Sept. 10 (Reception August 24
Jim O’Neil-Tempra Painting
Stephen Dinsmore-Oil Painting

Sept. 12 to Oct. 1 (Reception Sept. 14)
Mark Smith-Oil Painting
Jeanne Backhaus-Pen and Ink, Pen and Ink with Watercolor

The Gallery is accessible, the Museum is not wheelchair accessible.

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