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Lubec... where the sun first rises and adventure awaits!

photo: Pamela Metz

About Perry

A Lubec, Maine, neighbor

Incorporated in 1818, the town of Perry was named for Commodore Oliver Perry, who defeated the British on Lake Erie during the War of 1812.  Learn more about Perry's early history under Pembroke.

Perry, Maine is on the 45th parallel half way between the North Pole and the equator with a marker prominently displayed on Route 1. This small town of 800 hosts a quaint, working waterfront, boat launch and picnic area on secluded Gleason's Cove and several niche small businesses. The Perry Elementary School grows much of its' own vegetables and offers an impressive recycling program.

The Shore and Gin Cove roads offer wonderful vistas across open farmland at the mouth of the St. Croix River and Passamaquoddy Bay to St. Andrews-by-the-Sea and Deer Island. Horseshoe Landing on the Gin Cove Road is a rock collectors paradise. Boyden Lake, easternmost lake in the country hosts excellent bird watching and sport fishing. The road distance surrounding the lake is exactly half a marathon (13.1 miles) for runners or riders.

The first Saturday of October, the Perry Harvest Fair is a real Downeast fair not to be missed with over 90 vendors selling everything from organic vegetables, artisan breads and cheeses, jams and jellies to handcrafted jewelry, crafts and raffle tickets.

Scythe Supply and Shore Road Farm in Perry is open for visitors from 10 am to 2 pm on Friday only, mid-June to mid-September. Drop-ins are welcome, but it is best to telephone ahead: (207) 853-4750. There are mowing and sharpening demonstrations as well as tours of the vegetable gardens and incredible views of Passamaquoddy Bay.

Blueberry Point Chefs and the Ice House Wine and Cheese offer cooking classes (now mainly for Road Scholar tours) June to October on a 150-acre blueberry farm perched above Passamaquoddy Bay. Call (207) 853-4629. 

Kendall Farm Cottages vacation rentals on Boyden Lake.