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About Sipayik

A Lubec, Maine, neighbor

The Pleasant Point Passamaquoddy Reservation, also known as Sipayik, is on the shores of Passamaquoddy Bay between the town of Perry and the city of Eastport. The Passamaquoddy are known as "People of the Dawn," and today there is a population of just under 2,000 on the tribal census rolls. The language spoken is a dialect of the Algonquin language: Peskotomuhkati.

The Passamaquoddy tribe holds a three-day Indian Days celebration each August, with the grand finale on the second Sunday of August, at Sipayik. The celebration begins at Indian Township Bridge with the annual canoe trip from Indian Township.

The Waponahki Museum and Resource Center is upstairs in the Sipayik Youth Center at 59 Passamaquoddy Road, Pleasant Point (between Perry and Eastport). Please call ahead for an appointment at (207) 853-2600, ext. 227, and ask for Brenda Moore-Mitchell.